Over the Years - Regents of Princess Hirrihigua

1910-1911    Mrs. Sallie Harris Jones

1911-1912    Mrs. Helen Young Connor

1912-1913    Mrs. Louise R. C. Hurlebert

1913-1915    Mrs. Josephine S. Heathcote

1916-1919    Mrs. Edna Sleight

1919             Mrs. Almeda Carter

1919-1920    Mrs. Emily E. Jeffries

1920-1921    Mrs. Mary W. Eaton

1921-1923    Mrs. Annie G. Smitz

1923             Mrs. Harriett Whitaker

1923-1924    Mrs. Nina H. Blocker

1924-1925    Mrs. Lucretia C. Thayer

1925-1926    Mrs. May B. Allison

1926-1927    Mrs. Isabel J. Pfau

1927-1929    Mrs. Mary True Hansen

1929-1931    Mrs. Edna C. Branning

1931-1933    Mrs. Harvie J. Byers  

1933-1943    Mrs. Winifred Carpenter, Mrs. Othello Cunningham, Mrs. Mildred E. Blake, Mrs. Henrietta H. Davis, Mrs. Theda

                     Cowden,  Mrs. Ivah P. Glascock, Mrs. Golden G. Angell

1944-1947    Mrs. C. O. Williams

1947-1949    Miss Vora Maud Smith

1949-1950    Mrs. Clara Titterington

1950-1952    Mrs. E. J. Mansfield

1952-1954    Mrs. Fred S. Evans

1954-1956    Mrs. Arthur Wright

1956-1958    Mrs. I. E. Kehl

1958-1960    Mrs. Mary Gill Barth

1960-1961    Mrs. Florence Kennell Moore

1962-1964    Mrs. Florence Dean Post

1964-1966    Mrs. Russell E. Bates

1966-1968    Miss Janet Louise Cayo

1968-1970    Mrs. Marie Gleason Byers

1970-1972    Mrs. Marvin Albright Jackson

1972-1974    Mrs. Augusta Bay Young Otis

1974-1976    Mrs. Ellinor Delind Dunn

1976-1978    Mrs. Arthur R. Hinkley

1978-1980    Mrs. Edward A. Barchfield

1980-1982    Mrs. Mary Eliza Harshaw

1982-1984    Mrs. Lorraine Demarest Datello

1984-1986    Mrs. Ruth Emma French Crispell

1986-1988    Mrs. Bessie Ruth Calhoun Weil

1990-1991    Mrs. Dorothy Jane Lawton Hadley

1991-1992    Mrs. Bessie Ruth Calhoun Weil

1992-1994    Mrs. Ellinor Delind Dunn

1994-1996    Mrs. Mary Belle Maier

1996-1999    Mrs. Barbara Stone Card

1999-2000    Mrs. Rosa Ella Ellington Johnson

2000-2001    Mrs. Barbara Stone Card

2001-2003    Mrs. Mary Evelyn Mansfield Hochadel *

2003-2007    Mrs. Rosa Ella Ellington Johnson

2007-2009    Mrs. Mary Evelyn Mansfield Hochadel *

2009-2011    Miss Gayle Elizabeth Freeland *

2011-2014    Mrs. Susan Henry Riggs Reed Guise

2014-2015    Mrs. Cynthia Johnson Weatherby *
2015-2017    Mrs. Rebecca M. Stewart*

2017-2018    Mrs. Elizabeth Walters-Alison

2018-2020    Mrs. Ann Slagle Ciero*

2020-2021    Mrs. Rebecca M. Stewart


* Honorary Chapter Regent











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62 regents have been honored to wear this pin since 1910

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